Auditing of accounts

“Our own working
procedures ensure
quality and effectiveness”

Our internal quality control department maintains the highest possible standards by reviewing all our work.

  • Financial statements audit report. Preparation on a mandatory or voluntary basis, applicable to all types of commercial companies and civil law firms, non-profit organisations and local public entities.
  • Special reports accredited by the Institute of Accounting and Account Audits, to comply with company law regarding capital increases and reductions, mergers and splits-offs.
  • Reports to validate economic grounds specified in art. 51.1 of the Statute of Workers’ Rights.
  • Certification regarding certain specific facts, limited reviews reports…
  • Support in the preparation of financial statements, physical inventories and annual accounts.
  • Internal control reports, involving the diagnostics of administrative and production systems and procedures and the issuing of specific recommendations for continuing improvement.
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