Accounting consultancy

If your company has
an accounting department:

We assist and train the client’s staff in all necessary areas, so that your accounting complies with all relevant law, is effective and efficient in managing reporting requirements to comply with complex and changing regulations in respect of commercial and fiscal accounting. We also advise on the preparation and presentation of official documentation and annual accounts.

We strive to ensure that our clients are solvent, well positioned in the market and earn maximum revenues. To achieve these aims information in real time is required to both manage the company and take decisions. Our consultants resolve all queries via email or phone. Periodic visits to the client company for in situ reviews of accounting and the financial situation, answer questions, give information about new legislation, correct errors and develop and discuss management, offering support to help you in making decisions.

In the event that the company
by its small size or because
it is in a start-up phase,
no available accounting department:

In this case we become their outsourced accounting department, putting together the same, based on the information supplied by you, and in compliance with all the reporting requirements to the entrepreneur, as to third parties (through the deposit in the register) and to the tax agency.
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