PROAUDIT is a firm of
auditors and consultants
offering a wide range
of professional services.

PROAUDIT was founded in 1989 by partners Ignasi Angerri Texidó and Ramon Rubinat Reñé and is based in Barcelona. Our multifaceted professionals guarantee versatility and a capacity to satisfy the individual demands placed on us by our clients.
“One of the qualities our clients value
most highly is our professionalism
and independence in our approach to
the work. We endeavour at all times
to provide value to businesses through
our knowledge and experience in the
world of corporate business»


Auditing of accounts

“We have working procedures in place to ensure quality and effectiveness”.
To maintain high standards, our internal quality control department reviews all our work.

Tax Advice

Services for both companies and individuals

Accounting consultancy

When the client company has a Department of accounting

Corporate Finance

“We support the client company’s management team in their approach to value, decision-making and in the design and implementation of strategies, policies and processes”


Consulting on Implementation and Improvement of Management System. Ongoing presence of our consultants in the client company

Public sector

 Auditing and consulting for Public Administrations

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