Auditing of accounts

“We have our own working procedures in place to ensure quality and effectiveness”.

To keep up our standards, our internal quality control department reviews all our work for clients.

  • Financial statements audit report. Preparation on a mandatory or voluntary basis, applicable to all types of commercial companies and civil law companies, non-profit organisations and local public entities.
  • Special reports accredited by the Institute of Accounting and Account Audits, to comply with company law, regarding capital increases and reductions, mergers and splits-offs.
  • Reports to validate economic grounds specified in art. 51.1 of the Statute of Workers' Rights.
  • Certification regarding certain specific facts, limited reviews reports...
  • Support in the preparation of financial statements, physical inventories and annual accounts.
  • Internal control reports, involving the diagnostics of administrative and production systems and procedures and the issuing of specific recommendations for continuing improvement.
PROAUDIT was established in 1989 and has its head office in Barcelona. The versatility of our group of professionals ensures a custom team can be formed for each of the projects required by our clients.