Corporate Finance

  • Advice in mergers and split-offs
  • Business valuation
  • Sale and purchase processes
  • Search for financial partners
  • Advice to management regarding leveraged operations
  • Advice to financial investors
  • Advice on business strategy and value creation

“We support the client company's management team in their approach to value, decision-making and in the design and implementation of strategies, policies and processes”.

  • Business diagnosis: analysis of the company's situation, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the professional team, production facilities, financing, organization, strategy, product and market"
  • Design of business plan indentifying priorities and setting economic goals based on product and market strategies, the actions to take to achive them and the calendar
PROAUDIT was established in 1989 and has its head office in Barcelona. The versatility of our group of professionals ensures a custom team can be formed for each of the projects required by our clients.